Monday, April 27, 2015

Happiness is Family

Definition of happiness differs from person to person. For someone it might be there in enjoying four course meal at Taj palace and for someone it might be there in enjoying gol gappas at roadside stall. For someone it might be there in enjoying world tour and for someone it might be there in being together at home. For me happiness resides in small things.
Here is my list for what I prefer for happiness.

1)      Staying at home during weekends:

Normally it is said that wives love to shop and travel on weekends but for me happiest weekend is when it is spent with my dear hubby, at home. He is software engineer and spend five days at company so whenever weekends come he loves to spend them at home. I, too enjoy his company so much rather than malls and theatres and we spend our weekend at home. Spending time together, cooking various dishes so and so on.

2)      Spending few days at In-Law’s home:

My hubby and I live alone at Delhi but whenever we get chance we visit our home at Rajasthan and those days always prove to be best days of my life. Spending time with family, learning new bhajans of Thakurji, wearing sarees and giving Dhok to elders. It’s just awesome to be there. It’s a small village surrounded by hills and so it becomes most enjoyable and beautiful place during monsoons. Thanks to my housewife status, I can easily steal few days from Delhi and enjoy picnics and all Saawan festivals at home with my elders. I’m very lucky to have the lady I have as mother-in-law. She loves to cook various dishes whenever I’m at home, treating me like princess, worrying about my comforts and giving priority to my comfort rather than norms and rituals of society. I, too love preparing sandwiches and pizzas at home because my father-in-law is foodie and he loves enjoying these dishes prepared by me. While going to home, I always call up and ask them what they need from Delhi. I, too myself remember various things they love like my mother-in-law loves facial kits, hair colours and beauty creams. So whenever I get these things for her she becomes so happy. Same case in my father-in-law, I get oregano seasoning, fruit buns and all ingredients for sandwiches, soups and pizzas. The happiness on their faces makes my all efforts worthy.
Thus, happiness for me is spending time with family at home.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review of The Notebook of Romance..

Writing Style- 3/5

Love, the essence of life. The dew presented by God to tie up people on earth in a bond. Many sagas have been written on this mysterious emotion but these 25 stories are unique in a way as keeping love at centre, they highlight many emotions wonderfully. Few of them are really awesome and some are very staple in nature, description and emotions. 

Here are the stories which touched my soul and convinced my mind to believe, “Yes, it can happen!”

1)      Deaf and Dumb Love by Sabi Shaikh:
At the beginning, author gives you feeling that it gonna be one of those typical corporate love stories but as the story continues you gonna love author’s writing style and his imagination.

2)      Letters from Ladakh by Shraddha Sahi:
This story felt like fresh wind. Awesome storyline and it’s really amazing one. You surely gonna love this story. Naah! I not gonna give idea about the story. It will be like cherry on top.

3)      Who wants to marry a Mama’s boy? By Manjula Pal:
Wonderful story. Don’t expect teenage fights, wooing scenes and all typical ingredients of love stories. Something different is coming your way. Grab it.

4)      How I fell in Love by Khushboo Gulrajani:
This kind of story, which every girl wishes to happen in her life. Narrate love story of your own marriage to your children. Just awesome.

5)      The Magical Door by Aashi Dahiya:
Yes, love is a magical wand which can turn your life into a fairy tale. But how about magical door?

6)      Love in the Air by Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi:
A basic question that haunts every human being on this earth,” will their love survive after marriage or not?” inspiring love story with tadka of 10 years of married life. You surely gonna love it. This story of Gargi has attracted my attention towards her other works. 

Other stories are also good yet they miss the refreshing touch. Apart from two or three stories all of the stories are given good attention and those whose debut works are included in this collection, I wish them good luck.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review of 'Hey Dad Meet My Mom' by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal

About Author:

Leepi Agrawal is a final year student of Masters of Computer Applications at Ahmedabad. She has presented her feelings in various short-stories and poems.

Sandeep Sharma is student of final year B.Tech from Noida. He is an avid reader and loves to review books on his blog. He has been previously associated with many anthologies as a contributing author.

Writing Style: 4/5

Imagine you are living a stereotype bachelor life and all of sudden a boy pops out of nowhere calling you ‘Dad’. Your life surely going to turn upside down with the fact that only you can see the boy, I mean your future son, who is extremely willing to introduce you to his future Mom.

Hmmm. I know story seems awesome na and truly it is an awesome work by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal. A wonderful concept. Title itself will amaze you. Somehow I thought that the story would be of a young aged son trying to patch up his Dad’s lost love as its typical story of some movies. But as soon as I read blurb and dived into novel I found it interesting. The beginning was little bit boring but with entry of Rishi it became catchy. It could be more impressive and different from popular fictions but unnecessary intimate scenes has placed it in category of popular fictions. As described in blurb its really a roller coaster ride of suspense, love and mystery. However fear was the ingredient, which I found missing.   

Writing style is also good one. Scribbling scattered across novel are soul-touching and the poem in chapter 19 was out of this world. So wonderful expression of love and it reminded me of Victorian era poets.

I wish great future to both the writers and wish to read many more works from them.

My rating for this work is 4/5.

Genre: Fiction 
Paperback: 159 pages
Publisher: Gargi Publishers
Language: English

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Pride

Now a days market is flooded with many smartphones. You buy one piece from market and next day there many new pieces which would try to lure you make you repent why you bought the phone. The most amazing fact about it is you can have them after few months but once again there would be many to lure you again.

ASUS has launched new model  Zenfone 2 and it’s quite awesome piece and the details I’m showing here would surely make you go gaga over this phone. Here I’m giving you and myself five reasons to feel how ASUS Zenfone 2 could redefine our smartphone experience

1)     It’s luxurious ultra-thin ergonomic arc-design.

If you leave aside this heavy sounding  words and just enjoy the awesome design of this sleek and shinier phone then everything else gonna leave your mind. It surely gonna made me gem of eyes amongst crowd. With people glancing at me, feeling jealous with my Zenfone 2.
I already smell that something’s burning!!!!

2)     ASUS Boostmaster that charges phone at double speed.

It happens many a times that we are rushing late for job or a trip and we forget to charge our phone overnight. When it strikes to our mind that we have forgotten to charge our phone, we barely have half an hour or an hour to  charge our phone. At that we want a feature that can charge our phone with double speed and here is ASUS Zenfone’s latest feature Boostmaster that can charge phone at double speed.
It’s really amazing na??

3)     Dual Sim Dual  Active.

Thanks to modern times we have hectic schedule which forces us to keep two numbers at time to maintain our private life and professional life. ASUS Zenfone 2 along with many features have kept this important feature in their mind. They have provided dual sim facility which will help us to maintain our professional life and private life along with it’s awesome features.

4)     Zenfone 2’s PixelMaster camera.

Thanks to ASUS Zenfone 2. Now I don’t need to carry my camera everywhere I go. It’s higher resolutions photos with shutter leg and low light feature gonna add much more zing in your life and this feature surely gonna make you a photographer. Surely, an amazing one!!!

5)     Reason to shine at your Kitty, get-togethers and office.

Smartphones have become inseparable and Oxygen-like necessity which hovers our lives. It’s as common as cloths. Now people don’t ask each other,” Do you have smartphone?” They ask,” Which company? How much GB? Mega-pixels? Dual sim? “If any of these features are missing from your phone then it becomes kind of shame for you. Thanks to ASUS Zenfone 2 , now you can flaunt yourself like a queen and king.