Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Festival Look from Jabong.

Festivals are those magical wands of human life which fills colours, happiness and lights in human’s life. Diwali is the biggest festival for Hindus but now-a-days each and every religion enjoys this awesome festival of lights and crackers. Man’s preferences over things changes from time to time. When I was child, I was interested in the things which were associated with the festival. New clothes were never ever my concern. I never selected my clothes as a child as I never found it interesting so my mommy would select clothes for me and I used to be busy in enjoying festival. Same scenario was there for Diwali. Instead of clothes I would purchase crackers.

As time goes our priorities change and same happened with me. As grown up girl and now a married woman I am much interested in designer clothes and festive look for Diwali parties. This Diwali I have decided to shop from as this website has been my favourite due to daily new arrivals, awesome and quality-wise products. Here is my festival look for this Diwali.

For my apparel I have selected this awesome and stunning red and golden Anarkali suit by Rohit Bal for Jabong collection. There were many options in this awesome collection but Red and Golden both are the color of festivals and Red being my favorite comes to top list. This suit is printed and made of Polyester with wonderful neckline. It actually saved necklace’ money for me but you can also wear a delicate chain or kundan neckpiece. This festive suit is priced at 14999 but thanks to my luck due to Diwali it is priced at 6000.

For hands accessory I have selected this trendy golden chain ring bracelet from Blueberry and it is priced at 399. Delicate yet beautiful and not that one which gets stuck in your clothes again and again.

with this stunning suit I have selected red wedges from HM and they seem the perfect combo to me. The price is 1999 but after applying vouchers you can get mouth-watering discount.

The clutch I have selected is really ot of this world, na? yeah I know my choices are always best. I have selected golden clutch because It can be used with different apparels. This awesome clutch’s price is 7999 but once again thanks to vouchers it won’t be much heavier on your husband’s pocket.

for perfect pout and awesome selfies I have decided to use this luring lip color from Makeup Revolution London. The shade is Saviour will come liphug. This product is priced at 550 but due to discount you can get it in 303.

This wonderful and lovely watch from Titan Raga will surely make everyone around you envious.

Ahaa! I know this festival you surely gonna love this look created by me. #traditionmyway  

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Being mother of 20 days old baby girl, I understand it very well that how difficult it is to keep your baby’s skin soft. What our parents say and what doctors say has a huge difference in it. From the day one I have witnessed that elders asked to wrap baby in old cotton clothes and doctors wrap baby in brand new cloth. Elders refuse to use diapers and doctors put it on my darling from day one.
Being a new mom, I was damn worried about these differences of opinions for safety of my baby. But as I have experienced following elders’ advice is the best thing, I preferred to follow my mom’s advice. From this experience of 20 days , here are some tips I have gathered to keep my baby’s skin softest.

Every time your baby has its food, wipe her lips with wet cloth. It will help to keep her lips soft and pink. Not only lips but also wipe area around lips as it removes unwanted hair from your baby’s skin. Remaining milk particles, if not cleaned properly can make baby’s skin dry and can also attract insects. And that’s last thing any mother would want.

Always use softest clothes for new-born baby. If possible don’t use new clothes as however soft they feel, they gonna be harsh on your baby’s skin. If you are preparing your baby for any function then make sure to wrap your baby in soft or used baby innerwear. It will protect bay’s skin from new clothes. This tip will let your baby enjoy the function properly and if baby by enjoys then do we need to mention mommy darling?

Use Ayurvedic products for your baby’s bath and massage. Many well-known companies claim their products to be soft and harmless on baby’s skin but reality is products full of chemicals will make your baby’s skin full of rashes. Using Ayurvedic products from company like Himalaya has been best experience for my sister who is raising two toddlers at once. Himalaya’s products are made from ayurvedic ingredients and nourishes baby’s skin. Makes it bouncier and softer.

Use warm water for baby’s bath. When baby breastfeeds, it plays a lot and that ends up spilling milk on baby’s skin. Mothers properly wipe the skin but sometimes it does not help to remove germs or milk remains from baby’s skin. Using warm water will remove these remaining particles from your baby’s skin. The cleaner the skin will be, the softer it will be.

Use Malai after scrubbing baby’s skin with gram flour. Gram flour works miracle to remove fur from baby’s soft and delicate skin but use of malai after gram flour will keep baby’s skin moisturized and bouncier.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Baby Softest.

Babies are blessings of God who bring happiness in our life. I am recently blessed with baby girl. She is just 21 days old but she has made our life super awesome and full of happiness. A cute little girl with delicate body and heart-catching smile. This is what I asked for from God. A little bundle of happiness.

Till her birth, I never participated in any parenting activity on any website because parenting is such an experience where you can’t write or imagine a story. But thanks to Blogadda, soon after I became mother Blogadda brought an opportunity to blog about babies and thus I have entered into parenting blogging.

Babies are so delicate and so is their skin. From the day one their skin needs too much attention. The moment you miss any delicate part of their body and your baby will have horrible and painful rashes all over their body. With a delicate angel under my care, I have acquired few tips to keep babies skin soft from day one.

1)      No to Diaper for one month baby :

I know it very well that diapers have become essential thing for new moms of modern day, where they have to visit doctors or join their work or go outside. But make it sure that you don’t use diaper for one month old baby whether it’s girl or boy. Hospital now a days tie diaper to newly born baby. Same happened with my daughter. After my mother removed diaper after one hour, her bums were as red as tomato. We soon stopped using it and strictly instructed nurses to avoid it and use homemade cloth diaper. You can surely use it afterwards but every time you change  make it sure to apply lotion and powder on soft bums of your child. It will work as protector for your child’s skin.

2)      Use bread and milk :

Don’t use soaps. Not even baby products because however mild and ayurvedic it may be. It will surely affect your baby’s skin. I use bread soaked in milk to clean her back and legs. It cleans her skin properly and leaves it soft.

3)      Use Gram flour :

Your darling child might have coat of hair all over it’s body. This hair thing differs from child to child. Luckily my daughter has hair only on her arms. Yet my malishwali prefers to scrub her whole body. My mother in law prefers to use wheat flour but she wants to use gram flour as it not only exfoliates baby’s skin but also works as natural moisturizer.

4)      Use Ghee for Malish :

Ghee can be heavy for digesting system but works as miracle for child’s soft scalp. We all know very well that scalp of a new-born is soft and it asks too much care. Malish of lightly warmed ghee with light hands can work as hardening agent for scalp of baby. It seems sticky but after bath there won’t be glimpse of stickiness on your child’s scalp.

5)      Massage two times a day :

Baby’s soft skin needs massage to enhance the blood circulation for muscles development and good skin tone. Most of people prefer massaging baby only once a day but in reality massaging it in nights will bring good and sound sleep to your baby. And if it sleeps well, you will also get good one na? (wink wink) in morning you can surely hand over your child to massage lady for massage but at nights you can use baby lotion and rub lightly on baby’s body. This will not only strengthen baby’s body and soften its skin but will also strengthen your bond with new-born child.    

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

You & Me

Modern world has made our life relaxed with many facilities, amenities and technologies. But has it given us true peace and happiness? If we look around carefully then we would find that actually these modern world and its flaws has made human being alone. Social media has connected us with whole world. City, state, country are no more barriers. But don’t you guys feel that actually it has widened the gaps between the families living together?

Instead of discussing lives of others let me focus on mine as my own family also suffers from the same issue. As soon as all the members are gathered at evening, we have our dinner. Till it everything is great but as soon as dinner gets over, all of us get engrossed in our smart phones and laptops. Instead of discussing whole day’s activities, we used to get involved in our smartphones. Not only on weekdays but also on weekends, it became the schedule for us. We would be together, on same sofa, in same room, in same house but virtually we were so away. Busy in chatting or playing games became our schedule. We were together physically but not mentally. Sometimes this thing affected me, especially when we would say something but other would not pay any heed to it. This thing irritated us the most. We decided that we would not allow this kind of thing anymore. Both of us had decided that we would remove this obstacle between the Real Togetherness. Both of us firmly believed that being physically together was not the real one but being mentally together was the real togetherness. We decided to spend our leisure time and weekends in company of each other and nature.

We just shifted to Pune and unlike our flat in Delhi, this one is surrounded by greenery and a farm-facing balcony. As weekends approached, we just dumped our phones and laptops in cupboard and shifted to balcony with mugs of tea and bean bags. We spent the whole day enjoying clouded weather, watching different birds and recognizing different types of plants and trees. We were so engrossed in watching plants, holding our hands that we didn’t realise that we had spent almost half of the day. We were about to withdraw from our balcony but something caught his attention and he exclaimed,” Sonal, look. There is a cat with its kittens. They are so cute.” We clicked pictures of them. Yeah, yeah only for the pictures, we got the phone out of cupboard. As soon as we clicked pictures we put it back.

 During these nature oriented weekends we also planted Mango tree and it started blooming in one or two weeks.

Now we have got rid of our habit of using phone and have focused developing the greenery around our flat and working together in garden has made us realize the real meaning of Real Togetherness. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review of Paradise Lost & Regained by Ratnadip Acharya

About Author:

A NIT Jamshedpur graduate, Ratnadip lives in Mumbai where he works as an Electrical Engineer. He contributed many inspirational stories in different collections of Chicken Soup for the Soul. His first novel, Life is Always Aimless…unless You Love it was published in December 2012 and was received well by the readers across the country.

Storyline: 3.5/5

A little deer and its journey from her mother’s womb to self-realization.  

Writing Style: 3/5

From storyline one would get confused. Can this much simple idea be turned into a wonderful novel? You would surely say yes, if you have read Ratnadip Acharya’s ‘Paradise Lost & Regained.

This work by Ratnadip reminded me of Jatakkathas and Panchtantra kathas from ancient Indian literature, where we had animals as characters. They preached about life’s valuable truths and philosophy. Same is the case with Paradise Lost & Regained. A life from its beginning, right form the womb of mother is presented through view of a Deer. Her experiences in world. Her departure from her mother due to mother’s death is the most agonizing part of the novel. Her sole wanderings come to end when she is captured by zoo authorities. From here her journey becomes most beautiful one in form of learning.

Very few have the skill of storytelling and I must say writer has got skill of storytelling and the power to mesmerize reader with his writing. The very beginning of novel is so captivating. A child’s views on separating from its mother’s body are quite fascinating and it can be great read for women who are expecting.

Overall whole work is perfect with no confusions, no loose ends but in some parts it seems little bit stretched. Writer can surely improve on it. The story goes well where he just telling a story, it become stretchy when he starts preaching it so writer needs to focus on it.  

My overall rating for this work is 3.5/5.

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing pvt ltd.
Language: English

Monday, October 19, 2015

Review of Diabolical by Supriya Parulekar

About Author:

Supriya Parulekar is a published fiction author with five books. She likes experimenting with different genres and you will find something dark and mysterious in her. She has worked as a script editor for TV18, History channel.

Storyline: 3.5/5

Soniya is a superstar and queen of million hearts. She has everything fame, love, money, popularity, beauty. Everything. But as philosophy says no one is perfectly happy in this world and same is the case with Soniya. She is psychiatric patient. She suffers from depression and roots of this depression lies in her childhood. With greedy mother and loving sister Tania, will Sonia be able to survive in this ruthless world? What would be her fate? 

Writing Style: 4/5

This my first experience of reading Supriya Parulekar and this very work has made me admirer of Supriya’s writing style. A storyline which seems inspired from Bollywood but as soon as you open the book, it is already written for a friend who gave up. This very line however gives idea of the story. Along with unique story writer has poured life into it with help of awesome writing style. Now a days it has become kind of trend to use hard vocabulary to impress the readers but it has reverse effect. Instead of using it Supriya is much focused on entertaining her readers. With life like characters, which we will find around us as depression is becoming major and common issue now a days. One would find patients of depression moving around us and the difficulties they face is also mostly known to us.

Character of Tania, sister of Soniya is the life of story. Though she is younger, she has guts to save her sister from this rude world and her greedy mother. Relations are portrayed so realistically in this work. How parents’ abandoning can be harmful for children’s present, future and sometimes whole life. One or two incidents could be given more importance. Meher’s mystery could be more clearly. Her character could be given some justice as it is left to reader’s imagination power to imagine about Maher’s future and whereabouts.

Apart from depression, child abuse is second major issue which is discussed in this work and it penetrates our heart to see how destructive it can be. It does not destroy only childhood but whole life of a child. As the child grows up, he dreads the society and people around it. Through character of Soniya, Supriya has presented this heart wrenching fact very well.
Waiting for more and more works to read from Supriya. From this work one can easily predict the awesome future of the writer.

My overall rating for this work is 4/5.

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 195 pages
Publisher: Gargi Publishers.
Language: English

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Review of Crumpled Voices 2 – Innocence Lost

Writing Style: 3.5/5

Crumpled Voices 2 – Innocence Lost is a collection of short-stories written by different writers on the burning issue of child abuse. Child abuse does not mean only physical but also a psychological abuse. The 17 stories from this book are based on various kind of child abuse. Be it child marriage, child labour, physical exploitation, mental torture and more.

Reading anthologies is quite fun and his fun doubles up when they are written by different authors. Crumpled Voices-2 is same kind of work of fiction. There are 17 stories and as they are written by different writers few of them have got uniqueness in it and few of them are reread.

Here is the list of the stories I liked.

The Lost and Found Self-respect is a story which depicts child abuse and very beautiful relationship of husband and wife with lots of trust and understanding. Writer has put all the emotions together very precisely and she has succeeded in creating a wonderful piece.

The White Lily is a story which would bring tears to eyes if you are really soft at heart. This is the second work I have read of the writer and once again she has made me fall in love with her writing style. The helplessness one feels when exploited by near ones is presented perfectly by writer.

The Shadow is powerful story of an abused girl who later on grows up to be mother of a daughter whom she saves from the same devil. Heart-touching story which will leave its impact on your mind.

The Guinea Pig is a story which gonna make you horrified at the use of small children in scientific experiments.

The Loud Silence is heart wrenching story of a prostitute who unwillingly sells her body. She wants small happiness from her life but god has planned something else for her.

Just a lucky day… or not? Is also a good one but its end could be more specified. The story revolves around belief of karma. As you sow so shall you reap.

Left to be estranged is magnificent story with the issue which many of us have faced at some point in our life and the importance of elder siblings.

That Shade of Vermillion is a story which will make you cry and tremble in your chair. The horrible tradition of child marriage and use of girl for benefits is described in this story.

Other works are also good and noticeable yet above mentioned stories are more effective as per my opinion.  good stories are not made of just good vocabulary but it also needs to have a different story-line.    

My overall rating for this work is 3.5/5.

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 145 pages
Publisher: Gargi Publications.
Language: English

Review of The Arithmetic of Breasts and other stories by Rochelle Potkar

About Author:
Rochelle Potkar is a writer and poet. Her stories have appeared in several Indian and international publications. She lives in Mumbai. Her next book, Dreams of Déjà vu, is a speculative novel.

Writing Style: 3.5/5

Every form of literature has its own charm and way of presentation of life. Short story is considered a slice from life of the character. In novels we get to know about the character in detail directly from his birth or particular age till his death or his achievement of goal of his life. It is little bit easy for writer of novel to leave kind of impression about the character on mind of reader as he has got enough room. For me, writer of short story has got much task to do as in single incident of character’s life he has to present whole self of character. And I must say Rochelle Potkar has done her best in presenting a slice from characters’ life.

The Arithmetic of Breasts and other stories is a collection of wonderful stories depicting the hidden chambers and less discussed realms of human life. The basic of human life is discussed in these stories. Humans sexual desires, his curiosity for this forbidden fruit and the hidden self which comes on surface rarely.

First story The Arithmetic of Breasts is story of Narain and Munika. It seems lust to reader at first is transformed in love.

Second story The Room with a sea-view is an intriguing story. As title suggests love is an ocean. Ocean which is unmeasurable and unexplored. No one till this date has been able to get idea of ocean completely or love can we say? 

Sky park where we get to know about Jackie who loves Nic.

Dr. Love is a story of a lovelorn doctor who is cosmetic surgeon and how he tries to get back his lost love in form of a patient.

The scent of a conscience is story of two different person who have one common fact and its lust. Desire to get completed. Feelings of characters are portrayed so beautifully in story.

A place they call scary is heart wrenching and satiric story of Devdasi tradition. Devi or human, woman is supposed to suffer in every form.

Our Lovers is a superb story of what one craves and the other dreads the same.

The troll on page no. 16 is humorous story describing our hidden curiosity for others’ personal problems.

What men want is story of ever-changing mentality and desires of men.

All the stories have scent of variance in it but one or two of them is less affecting. Writing style has got a depth which lives impression on reader’s mind. Few of them will leave you thoughtful. Loved Rochelle’s writing style and wish to read many more works from her in future.  

My overall rating for this work is 3.5/5.

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: 20Notebooks Press.
Language: English

Monday, August 17, 2015

My Idea of Free Look

Fashion is something that defines a person. Every person has his own concept of fashion. Some keeps themselves updated about latest fashion styles. Some be updated through their fashion ideals. Some love to create their own fashionable looks. Some prefer fashion according to their comforts. In previous times fashion was such a topic that got limited to high society people but with use of multimedia and social sites people have become more fashion conscious. Everyone wishes to be different and have their own free look.

My own concept of free look is very clear. I prefer fashion according to my body type and occasion. Well, in India we also need to add one more filter for free look. It is about the place where you are staying or visiting. Someone might say that occasion and places are two equal filters. But I would say no, it’s not. If you are visiting your relatives than you need to be little bit self-conscious about your clothing style and if you are visiting your friends’ house than you wouldn’t be worrying about the clothing style.

For me free look is get into something that makes you feel comfortable and special. In my wardrobe I have every type of cloth. Whether its sarees, suits, lahengas choli, jeans, tees, shrugs, shorts, skirts or western dresses. As I said one must be ready according to the occasion and environment. I prefer to be in western clothes when I am on a tour but when at relatives I prefer to be in saree or suit. I just love western dresses but for them also I have kept a filter in my mind. I don’t like short, body cone, mini or body fit dresses. I like dresses knee-length or below knee with proper back style and breathing material. Silk is the material I have never liked as I am having average figure and average figure never accepts silk material. May be it might but for me silk is totally no-no-no.

In above collage, one might wonder about my concept of free look but as I said above for me free look means freedom of comfort. Freedom of comfort means if you are wearing mini dress to please your husband but if you are not feeling comfortable in it then you surely gonna look like a disaster. One must go for clothes in which one feels comfortable. One should not blindly follow the fashion sagas. One must go through scanning of their own. Will this color suit me or not? Will I look fat? Will these accessories look heavy or proper according to function and clothing? If I am wearing embroidered saree then I prefer to wear light jewellery. The same thing goes with printed tops, tunics and dresses. If it’s plain then I prefer to wear some heavy accessories according to occasion.

Hope my concept of free look goes well with you, too. You, too might end up thinking like me. Free look for me is freedom of comfort. Freedom of wearing what you like but keeping the occasion and place in mind.   One more thing to remember 'Never wear to please #WearToExpress. 

Buy your favourite and free look clothes from 

My Sister, My darling.

Sisters are angels sent by God on this earth, who make it possible for us to survive and live happily. I am blessed with brother and sister. My sister is five years elder to me. She is married in Delhi. My brother is 2.5 years younger than me but it’s a different thing that he looks elder then me due to his height. ;) ;) Trio of us have shared special bond since childhood. Though we are departed now due to marriages, we stay in touch using social media.

My sister being eldest among us was little bit sincere but whenever it came naughty acts, blunder and chaotic missions, she would join us. It’s a different thing that whenever mummy caught us, she would wear that ‘good girl’s’ mask and my brother and I would bear mummy’s anger. Later on she would come and give us chocolates and ice-creams to cool our anger.

Being an elder sister, she always had feeling of possessiveness for us. Whenever anyone tried to mess with me or my brother, she would stand like a rock and protect us. I never liked act of kneading dough as the sticky dough on hands made me feel terrible. My mummy would ask me to knead dough as it was necessary for me to learn kitchen related works. I would cry a lot to get freedom from this task but she would be firm. At that time my darling sister would come to my rescue and would take away the task from my hands and would tell mummy,” let it be mummy, she’s a kid.” Though I was studying in 10th then. :P :P There is one more incident which made me believe that whatever may happen, wherever we be in future our relations would be the similar one. I passed exams of 12th standard and went to school with my sister to get hard copy of my mark sheet. Few of my friends asked my percentage and they were totally shocked when I told them my percentage because I was the most mischievous student of my class and that’s why none of them expected me to perform so well in exams. When I was busy in acquiring my mark sheet at that time few of them made rude remarks about me and my results. I was unaware of this fact but my sister heard them as none of them knew them. She lost her temper and started rebuking them. All of them got shocked with this sudden attack. I, too was stunned by this chaos and when I came to know the reality, I hugged my sister tightly and kissed on her cheek and shouted #MySiblingRocks

Today when we are away from each other, I cherish all those moments we spent together. After marriages, we have decided that we would try our best to spend our time at parents’ home together. Those moments would never come back but we would recreate them.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

My darling Strongest

Masi.  I am yet to listen this word from her  mouth but I am  waiting for the day she pronounce it.  All of you must be wondering   that what on the earth has happened to me.   Why am I getting rabbit out of the hat??  Well,  Blogadda as usual has brought a brand new activity where once again every blogger is brought to live those tiny moments of joy and happiness using the wand of imagination. This time Blogadda in association with Dabur baby  massage oil has brought a wonderful activity where every blogger is going to express his or her views on goodness of massage oils for baby.
There would be rarely any idiotic person on this  earth who won't have affection for children.  Yup,  I know children can be devils but let's concentrate on infants and toddlers.  Being a Masi at once, I have experienced a thing.  my niece is damn cute and loving and I feel extremely enraged whenever my sister gets angry on her even for a moment. But as my sister says, " keep Shagun with you for constant 24 hours,  you surely gonna miss  grandma." And I just keep smiling at her this suggestion because I am well aware of the reality in her words.  Toddlers can be damn  cute but damn notorious, too.
 Shagun born on 15th July 2014. The moment she came into this world,  our whole family was overjoyed with arrival of this little angel in our  life.  She is so cute and the day she was born,  she was looking so delicate that I was afraid of    holding her. I asked my sister that isn't she weak but my sister smiled affectionately and said, " she is just born and it will take some time for her to get used to this world, na? " I took out thousand rupees note from my purse and placed it in her hand.  That tiny delicate hands clutched the note tightly. All of us started laughing hysterically. Just before a moment I thought her to be weak and she clutched the money tightly.
However I bought baby care products being a  good masi.  I bought all products if Ayurvedic company as I highly prefer Ayurvedic products. I was bit confused about the massage oil as I wanted something really good for my darling niece. After few suggestions from friends I decided to buy Dabur Baby Massage Oil,  which is enriched with goodness of Almond and Olive oil.  Both the oils perform major role in growth of muscles and strong bones.  I want my little niece to be a stronger one as the world is not safe for girls,  right???

“I am participating in the  #FirstLove activity at  BlogAdda in association with Dabur“.

Bundle of Joy

Infant. The moment we hear this word, a small bundle of joy starts flashing in fro t of our eyes.  With tiny hands, legs, Small but sparkling eyes,  those tiny lips curving for yawn. That smile when it looks at us. It's fragile yet beautiful body, responding to nature and the new atmosphere it has come into.  For the relatives and friends,  this tiny creature is nothing but a toy with whom they would get to click few selfies and update their statuses on facebook like feeling awesome with Tom,  Dik and Harry. But for it's parents it becomes centre of their world. The tiny bundle of joy,  part of their being,  part of their existence, proof  of their love and togetherness.
The moment it's mother carries it in her hands,  her world becomes complete.  The child whom she carried in her womb for nine months.  For whom she spent sleepless nights,  left favorite clothes, avoided tasty junkfood and bore many kicks and cramps and pains, it is finally in her hand.  The baby whose movements she felt in her womb,  which kicked while she ate some yummy food,  whom she watched while doctor was busy in ultrasound. That baby is finally in her hands. The moment it comes out,  the outer world comes in contact with it and that becomes issue of concern for her. Being a mother she feels it to be her responsibility to protect her child from every threat.  Seen or unseen.
After the child is born,  it must be treated with proper care and massage is the most important thing for any newborn.  Proper massage with good oil makes child strong and gives strength to it's muscles. The market is full of many brands claiming their oil to be a best one but in reality all of them are full of harmful ingredients which can cause damage to baby's delicate skin. That's why it becomes necessary for a mother to select proper oil for her child.
Well, personally I prefer Ayurvedic products as my experience with few Ayurvedic brands has been a good one. When my dear niece, my sister's daughter was born,  I bought kit of Ayurvedic baby products for her.  My love for Ayurvedic products is going to get great as very soon,  I am also going to be a mommy.  Yup,  it feels so good and I have been looking out for all products available in market for future preparations. Dabur Baby Massage Oil enriched with almonds and olive is going to be my first choice for my baby's massage. It has goodness of Olive and Almond oil which makes bones stronger and am sure that my baby is going to be Hercules with help pf Dabur Baby Massage Oil. Apart from making it Hercules, it will also keep it's skin healthy and good,  devoid of all chemicals and artificial ingredients.

“I am participating in the #FirstLove Activity at  BlogAdda  in association with  Dabur."

Friday, July 10, 2015

From Fat to Fab.

Hey guys,  till today you read just  about books, reviews, products and activity blogs but today we will discuss about benefits of balanced diet and nutritional compromises of a crash diet.  Well,  you guys must be thinking that I am not a health instructor or dietitian. Or any celebrity whose health tips will be very interesting for you.  I agree with you all.  I am neither dietitian nor celebrity. Yet my views on diet surely going to be useful for you.  As I am the girl who had gained horrible weight due to my love of junk food but thanks to constant nagging of my mummy.  I gave up all the worst food habits and started going to gym and followed a healthy balanced diet.  
First of all let me clear some basic idea about healthy diet and crash diet.
Healthy diet includes slower but steadier results as it includes food but good one with lots of fibers,  nutrition but lesser fat.
Crash diet is supposed to give you quick results but it won't provide you any healthy benefits. It includes only juices and fruits with zero fat.
Both types of diet are famous but if you consult any dietitian then he would surely recommend healthy diet as Crash diet makes body devoid of not only fat but also proteins and vitamins.  Healthy diet includes all other health issues like glow of skin,  fitness of body,  hair and all.  It's main feature is to make body fit not slim as Crash diet suggests.  In healthy diet one needs to include sprouts,  juices,  honey-lime water,  boiled veggies,  chapatis, oats, and many more nutritional foods. While on crash diet one needs to include nothing but juices and fruits.  You guys must have read or listened about celebrities' crash diet plans. I heard about Bipasha Basu's crash diet for her bikini shoot in Dhoom 2. She had survived on three oranges per day for two days.  Now hope you must have got the idea what one actually means by Crash diet.
Let's discuss about real life experienced person for diet plan.  So let me introduce you guys to....Sonal Agrawal. Yes my dear readers its me who has real life experience of loosing weight that too in healthy way.  Well,  I am not going to hammer you in any way but simply will tell you my diet plan and daily routine which turned my weight from 80 to 65 in 6 months.
I started my morning at 5. I would get fresh and then would go to gym.  After working out on treadmill and some cardiac exercises,  I would come home and have glass of hot water with Dabur honey and lemon.  After that I would wait for a while and drink cup of tea without sugar and two biscuits or toasts. In lunch I included big bowl of sabji and two chapatis with big bowl of salad. For brunch I preferred tea with sugar and at night I would have two chapatis with bowl of salad,  sabji and any Daal.  I strictly stopped eating chips,  chocolates, burgers and everything that was yummy to my tongue but horrible for my tummy.  Thanks to my balanced diet I never lost glow of my skin,  never needed skin tightening  belts or creams or messages. The only thing I lost was extra fat. and go to Honey Diet