Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review of A Long Journey

“A Long Journey” by Pawankumar Pandey is a novella, which revolves around the disaster of Kedarnath floods. It starts with description of the main character, whose main intention is trading, not a pilgrimage. With the progress in novel, disaster occurs and it continues with its aftereffects. Though author has tried his best, he lacks at some juncture in novel, He does not seem concentrating on one theme of the novel, which seems little bit disappointing. Title does not justify the theme of novel, as the characters do not seem to have any lesson learnt from their life, as apart from one or two crisis of their life they seem to be accepting life as it is. Theme also keeps changing, as writer has not concentrated on one particular theme, he could make it perfect by expanding the characters and theme more vividly. He seemed to finish it as soon as possible. As soon as the reader starts feeling the character’s pain, the novella ends. The basic concept of novella is not fulfilled here as there isn’t any kind of development in characters and emotions. Pawankumar has tried his best and in future he may produce more prolific works.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review- A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land

After long time, I got my hands on something which made just say ‘wow’. “A Newlywed’s adventures in Married Land” by Shweta Ganesh Kumar is really a wonderful novel,’ A must read for every couple who are already married or in a queue.’ Really pleasing work, this work will seem an autobiography to every girl as this novel presents the experiences of newly married couple, especially wife’s experiences. As its title suggests, title is based on one famous fairy tale. It is a strange reality that most of the fairy tales contains life’s deeper meaning in them, which we understand just after growing up. The name of chapters are really eye catching , in the beginning of every chapter there is description of a famous fairy tale which has essence of the chapter as well as condition of Mythili in that chapter.
Mythili, a crime reporter, has transferred from Bangalore to Manila, Philippines after her marriage with Siddharth. The whole novel is about her experiences about getting adjusted in new life, new atmosphere. Her experiences of being jobless, try to interact with totally different housewives. Mythili in each and every line presents condition and emotions of newly married girl. Both Siddharth and Mythili marries after long distance relationship, still, in some situations both of them thinks over their decision. Each and every incident of this novel can be transformed into article. Shweta is really wonderful at describing a girl’s world after she has changed in to woman. The crisis of losing one’s identity is reflected through Mythili’s words,” Dependent-the word echoed in her ears. After being a fairly successful reporter who broke crime stories of the goriest kind for a newspaper that thrived on being number one in breaking stories, she was now just a dependent.”  These words of Mythili seems core of every married girl’s life. Apart from these all the other characters of the stories presents the realities of social life where everyone has disguised in order to cheat society. Fake smiles, praise and fake relationships and fake celebrations to present a false pomp to society. Author has not revealed names of minor characters, but has used names which presents a unique characteristic of that character like Fakeena, Mother Hen and so on. It is a common trait of human’s life. We name each and other with any uniqueness of that person. The inner conflict of Mythili shows the realty that every love marriage suffers through because both of them expect the other to be the same as they were before marriage.

Overall a wonderful experience to read such a nice work.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

“Daniel’s diary”

“Daniel’s diary”

Rajeshwari Chauhan, an artist, freelance writer has great potential of creating paintings as well as creative writing. She belongs to Royal family Chhota-Udepur. Her passion for history and conservation of heritage has resulted in wonderful work” Daniel’s diary”. The moment I started reading it, the world around me started melting and I joined Mrinalini in her journey. A superb work, which needs no praise, no criticism as it is like Love, only those can understand its value, who has enjoyed it. It is great combination of suspense, romantic, history, mystery. Many genres in one.
Mrinalini, an art restoration expert, is hired by one royal family, who wants to transform the palace into heritage hotel. During her task of restoring, she stumbles upon a mystery and revelation of it leads Mrinalini back into era of Moghuls, where a foreigner describes love story of Moghul emperor and Rajput princess. The story continues with many ups and downs, many surprises and OMG facts.
“Daniel’s diary” is really a delightful work of literature. After reading many worthless popular fictions, it was really like finding oasis in desert. Beautiful description of lovers’ situations, similar in both era. Historical as well as modern era. Through characters of Mrinalini, Arrow, Surajsinh and Suzan, Rajeshwari portrays pleasant portrait of emotions of lovers. A must read for those who believe that love can be explained only through unnecessary detailed description of sex. Love can be explained through ‘stolen glances’, ‘foot games under table’, ‘rude behaviour on surface and intense care in deeper’. Something really solacing who wish to read something genuine, something to remember and enjoy, not for time pass. Language is also poetical, it really keeps line between hard and simple language. The beginner reader won’t need dictionary and well-read will enjoy its fluidity.

I have fallen in love with it. I read it continuously five times, still feeling like reading it again.
Story and plot- 5 out of 5
Language- 5 out of 5
Flow- 5 out of 5.