Monday, September 22, 2014

"The Princess In Black"

About Authors
Upendra Dharmadhikari who spent eleven years in a corporate mechanical culture, turned to art of story telling , following his childhood love for history and comics.
Changali Anand has written animated film and TV serial scripts, ads and themed newsletters for lifestyle and entertainment.
Plot 1.5/5
The plot of the novel revolves around the mystery behind object no. 27 and Taj Mahal. This mysteries involve Saima, Professor Shastri ,best men from Indian Intelligence and Major Salim Khan , an undercover ISI operative.
Characters- 2/5
1. Professor Shastri- As his name suggests, he is professor. History is his area of interest and profession. His extreme knowledge of history makes him a leader on this mission.
2. Saima- She is a lady with mystery revolving around her, who is attracted towards Professor during this quest.
3. Major Khan- An undercover agent of ISI, who is full of ambitions of him and like all other typical Pakistani militants , he has passion to free Kashmir from India.
4. Major Rathore- A brave heart major with tragic past is a perfect combination of intelligence and patience.
5. Captain Veer- A short-tempered Captain , who balances his professional and personal life perfectly.
There are some more characters like Narayan's father and grandfather who play important role in novel.
Writing Style 1.5/5
The cover page of novel is quite attractive and so is it's blurb. However novel turns out to be disappointing as it proceeds. It is quite easy for the reader to know the mystery related to Saima. Professor's character is appealing one along with Major Rathore and Captain Veer. Some of the points in novel have dead ends. One of them is what was there in cover which Major Khan was supposed to handover to Dr. Sharma? Authors have tried to create a havoc by including Bomb blasts, historical mystery and Pakistani undercover agent roaming freely in India. They fail as none of the topics were given enough justice. It seems in end as if they are in hurry to complete the novel. Major Khan's own intentions attached with the discoveries seem futile and not making any sense. He is already having the power and influence which he wishes to get. It is a one time read.
My rating for the work is 2/5.
Genre- Historical Fiction
Publication- Srishti Publishers Distributors
Pages- 204
Language- English

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review of 'Private India'

About Author:
Ashwin Sanghi is counted among India's highest-selling English fiction authors. This his fourth work. He was included by Forbes India in their Celebrity 100 list.
James Patterson is one of the best known and biggest-selling writers of all time. Apart from co-authored works, he has written romance novels and stand-alone thrillers. He lives in Florida.
The plot of the novel revolves around series of murders in  the economical capital of India, Mumbai. This series of murder forces Santosh Wagh, head of Private India , the Mumbai branch of the world's finest investigation agency to work and think one step ahead then the killer. As per typical scenario, there are people from underworld and politics to manipulate Santosh's task. The situation becomes critical for Santosh when he learns about black sheep in the organization ' Private India'.
Santosh Wagh : Head of  Mumbai branch of Private India, who is haunted by his own past. He reminded me of police officers of RGV movies. Drinking down his bitter past with bottles of  whisky.
Jack Morgan : Jack is Santosh's boss, who is the reason behind  Santosh's presence in Private India. He is kind of reason behind stability of Santosh's mind.
Nisha Gandhe : She is assistant of Santosh Wagh. She is in her mid forties and very attractive.
Killer: What you want to know about killer??? Go, purchase the book and find out.
Writing Style:
 "Private India" is a crime thriller novel which starts with a murder and this start seems so typical. Then comes the officer, who has past which haunts him in dreams. These things in beginning seemed to prove this novel to be a sheep in her, but as soon as the pages started turning novel seemed gripping me. The book gives perfect idea that how the crime evolved in Mumbai. Each and every form of crime is presented in this book. Including Mafias, Politicians and other big heads, it makes the novel so interesting that reader will not be able to put the book down. This book is part of James Patterson's Private series. In each book he has selected different countries and  well known authors of the country. In this series he has selected , India and Ashwin Sanghi. This duo has brought a wonderful platter with fusion of West and East tempering. Somehow the western tempering tastes little bit bitter in some parts when there is mention of Devi Maa, Thugees and other points. The easiness with which the police hands over the case to agency is also quite surprising but as they say do not apply logic everywhere specially in literature, where Monkey divided  chapatti between the cats. you can read this novel if you  wish to read a fast-paced novel, with some loopholes which can be ignored easily. You can add this book to your library and enjoy Mumbai's killer's strategies and Private India's hard work to destroy the killer haunting Mumbai with his psycho mind.
My rating for this work is 3/5.
Pages: 470
Genre: Thriller Fiction
Publication: Arrow Books
Language: English.
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Reviw of "Ramayana-The Game of Life : Rise of The Sun Prince”

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About Author
Shubha Vilas, a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker, holds a degree in engineering and law. His speeches in seminars are mostly on themes like 'Soul Curry to Stop Worry', 'Work-Life Balance'. He helps others to apply techniques of Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana to deal with modern day situations.
The plot of the novel revolves around epic Ramayana. The novel is part of a series based on Ramayana. This book deals with the details about Ayodhya and Dashratha as well as birth of Rama. This book ends with Dasharatha's decision to establish Rama as his heir.
Writing Style-
Ramayana-The Game of Life : Rise of The Sun Prince, the title itself gives idea about theme and content of the book. As per its title suggests, the book is part if series based on Indian epic Ramayana. An old epic, with touch of new era and language seems like dish modified. I personally believe it to be a tough task to present something which is already known to people. While doing this task one must make the creation so different and appealing that people love to read the re-creation of the work. I must say that Shubha Vilas has done this work marvellously. This part deals with the Bal kanda of Ramayana. I feel that this book is good for children as the language is catchy yet simple, but I suggest the same book for grown ups too, as most of us never read the epic. This book will help them a lot to get details about the earlier life of Dashratha and more details about Ayodhya. This work also throws light on earlier life of Sage Vishvamitra. Details about life of Vishvamitra is the part of book , I liked the most. The book ends with Dashratha's plans of appointing Ram as king of Ayodhya. Nice factor about the book is references given on the same page. These references can be much helpful for those who are not much aware of the symbolism used in literature. The cover page of novel is quite awesome. However some incidents in novel differ from the Ramayana shown and described in tv serials and other versions of Ramayana. First one is about Rama and Sita's meeting. Second one is about story of Ahalya space a little known stone maiden character sketch of Ahalya seemed little bit realistic or one can say that kind of feministic touch is provided to her. At first it seems hurting but from femenistic point of view, all doubts evaporate in air. It is said that our holy scriptures and epics have all the answers of human's questions. They teach human to behave in some manner. Author's point of view goes with this theory and that's why he has presented this series of six books. His writing style is quite effective. A good read for today's generation.
My rating for this work is 3/5.
Pages- 252
Publisher- Jaico Books
Genre- Fictional
Language- English.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

“Obstinacy- The Dauntless Chase”

About Authoress
Dhishna Radhay, In her debut work makes the reader take notice of her. She has been secondary school teacher. She is currently an Executive Assistant in a prestigious firm. Apart from this work she has been working on short story collection.
The plot of the novel revolves around life of a strong willed woman, who has fought with all the negative forces in her life whether inner or outer. She is damn happy in her life at present fighting her inner turmoils but everything scatters one day with arrival of her past.
1. Cléopâtre- Beautiful and strong willed lady who accepts life as it comes and loves to sacrifice her own happiness for her loved ones.
2. Steve-Cléopâtrehe's son, who is the source of happiness and will to live life.
3. Stevie- A guy who makes Cléopâtre's life full of love and brings disaster at the same.
There are some more characters like Benoit, Clara, and Cleo's parents who play important role in novel.
Writing Style
The moment I started reading it, Cléopâtre, a strong willed lady caught my heart. Authoress has done wonderful task of presenting the cruel games of fate. Cleo, a beautiful girl with all good qualities marries a brutal person, whom she loved. This guy as usual turns out to be a worst one and they get separated. Much discussion of storyline may be injurious for readers' excitement. Yet some of the events of Cleo's life made me question the theory of Poetic Justice. A wonderful narration of Cleo's life made my heart gloomy. Authoress has amazing skill of story telling. I felt my heart going away with Cleo. Character of Cleo is inspirational as she has suffered much in her life and like a true woman she has fought all battles. There are very few characters which dwell in your mind after reading any novel and Cleo is one of those character. The cover page of novel is very symbolic as it presents the very picture of Cleo's life. A lady standing lonely on ruins represents Cleo's life. Hope to read more awesome works by the authoress.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Review of 'Twitt-er on the Saddle"

About Author:

Terry O’Brien is a man of many parts: Language expert, quiz enthusiast, Motivational Speaker, Playwright, academic, columnist and versatile author.  

Writing Style: 4/5

 ‘Twitt-er on the Saddle’ is a nice book for children. Social media has crawled into our lives so intensely that our mornings start with status updates and tweets of mornings and we feel sleepy only after we have updated statuses and tweets about feeling sleepy. The new generation has got this new toy to play with. The child might not have learnt ABCD, but it knows how to scroll the pictures on gadgets and how to hold phone near to their ear. Maybe this techno-savvy generation is the inspiration behind these stories where the blue bird of Twitter goes on a vacation tired of ‘said’, ‘done’ and ‘undone’. This book depicts Twitter’s journey throughout the world and his learnings. Through his learnings beautiful messages are given. Some experiences are well familiar to us, yet the changed point of view is delightful.

My overall rating for this work is 4/5.

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Paperback: 59 pages 
Publisher: LifePositive Publications
Language: English


Review of ' Just Who Am I'

About Author:

K. Geethanjali is a lady performing many roles. A home maker, writer, mother, High school English Teacher, a perfect blend of all these roles. She has contributed her stories to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and has also published a book of short stories for children entitled ‘ The Enchanted Land’. 

Writing Style: 3/5

 ‘Just Who Am I and other stories’ is a wonderful children’s book. The language of the stories is quite simple and enchanting. Pictures along with stories make it attractive. There are four stories in this book.

  1. Just Who Am I- Cute and little Neel, a kitten is confused about his identity that who he is? The very nature of cats is presented through Neel and it is possessiveness. Neel’s possessiveness for Nani and its house increases more when she brings a small brown pup. This story teaches children to mingle with others.                                                                                                         
  2. A Halo for Sparkles- This story teaches children to help others without expectation of benefit. If you do something good then Good will follow you and good work without any intentions of benefit makes one warm and happy. An angel, Sparkles, wishes to gift God but she does not have Halo like other angels. Her journey to Earth leads her to Halo, but it is not an easy one.      
  3. Lily of the Valley- The feeling of helping others is presented here same as the previous story. Rather than preserving your valuables, you should use it to help someone, who needs it the most. This act of selfless help will provide immense happiness and eternal fame.                         
  4. Payal and the Mithaiwala- An Angel, Payal with weak wings wishes to join other angels in different games, but no one plays with her as she has weak wings. To make her happy her mother brings some children and Mithaiwala from Gaia to play with her. This Mithaiwala and children became reason of Payal’s strong wings.        
My overall rating for this work is 3/5.

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Paperback: 78 pages 
Publisher: LifePositive Publications
Language: English


Review of 'The Mahabharata Secret'

About Author:

Christopher C Doyle studied at IIM Calcutta. He has written articles on management and business for several publications but his collaboration with Jules Verne, HG Wells, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, JRR Tolkein, and Robert Jordan since his childhood made him dive into world of literature and so he gifted world with ‘The Mahabharata Secret’, which is his debut novel.

Plot: 5/5 

The plot revolves around history of ancient India, including Mahabharata and Ashoka the Great, which has connection with present India. With murder of retired nuclear scientist, his nephew’s life gets into whirlwind with the three emails he receives from his dying uncle. Mahabharata has something, which can destroy present world. What’s that SOMETHING? What were the three emails? Why Nephew’s life is turned into whirlwind?

Characters: 5/5

Vijay Singh: Our hero, who is US returned handsome hunk, who is caught in web of enigmas and obscurities, created by three emails of his deceased uncle.

Vikram Singh: A retired nuclear scientist, who is murdered for some secrets he was keeping to save Humanity and world. He does his best to acknowledge his nephew about the secrets before dying.

Colin: He is friend of Vijay Singh, who accompanies him in all his adventures, which may be life-risking.

White: He is the one, who has idea about the secrets, which led to death of Vikram Singh. This guy has many cards in his pocket.

Farooq: He is a wolf in sheepskin. While reading novel, you would feel like punching him hard.

Bheemsingh: A Politician cum Businessman. The word Politician gives negative feeling, na? You may be wrong or may be right?

Imran Kidwai: May be addition of Additional Director of Intelligence Bureau will raise your eyebrows. He plays very important role along with hint that this secret includes whole world’s safety.

There are also minor characters like other relatives of Shukla, Radha, who play minor but important roles in life of our protagonist.

Writing Style: 5/5

 ‘The Mahabharata Secret’ is really awesome book, which makes sure about fabulous future of Christopher’s writing profession. We have a notion that if an MBA from IIM will write any novel then it will be full of love affairs, Sutta, Bears and making out incidents or job struggles ending up in banks. Here is the author, who breaks all the notions and choses a topic which dates back to Mahabharata. Mahabharata is well-known for the myths and secrets, it carries. Christopher is picking up such a secret and is successful in gripping the attention of reader. I could not take a break while reading it. I felt like if I’ll put it down then I’ll miss something. It is like, you are watching fully action-packed movie and one break will make you miss a lot. I wanted novel to continue, really wished that there will not be any end of this awesome work. His writing style has that touch, for which reader spends one’s valuable money. I request the author to create more works like this.  
My overall rating for this work is 5/5.

Genre: Historical Fiction
Paperback: 382 pages 
Publisher: Om Books International
Language: English