Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review of 'The Bluest Marble'

About Author:

Vipin Kumar is a multi-talented personality. Writing many stories and poems which remained unpublished and after these unpublished works, He published his debut novel. ‘The Bluest Marble’.

Plot: 4/5 

The plot revolves around Aditya and Ram Kumar 125. There is a connection between this two personalities and this connection introduces many characters like Jitu, Rakesh, UT, Jackey and Rajesh. This connection takes us on a ride of life of a person who is engineer but joins finance sector, to see many ups and downs in his life, which takes him to a ride which starts from Bombay, Delhi and ends to Goa.

Characters: 4.5/5

Aditya Saxena: An engineer by education and financial employee by profession. His perfect and well settled life takes ups and turns which brings reader to a question that can life be like this? 

Rakesh and Jitu: Rakesh and Jitu are friends and roommates of Aditya. These two represent the bitter reality of life and relations.

Pooja: Ex-girlfriend of Aditya, whom he loved truly but she had cheated on him.

Aditya’s parents: Typical representation of Indian parents.

Rajesh, UT and Jackey: These three psychic patients are prodigy but misfit in society. Their story brings tears to reader’s eyes and raises a question that how God can be so cruel?

There are also minor characters like Ramesh, Bade Bhaiyaa, and Dr. Banerjee who play minor but important roles in life of our hero.

Writing Style: 4/5

 ‘The Bluest Marble’ is debut novel of Vipin Kumar. Emotions are presented wonderfully. Novel has little bit abrupt start. Apart from it, novel goes wonderfully smooth and in track. Events of Aditya’s life are much seen in real life. A scholar student and much praised son of house where elder brother is totally failure, gets his first job in his role model’s office. It seems a perfect life at once but as time passes Aditya’s life takes shocking turns and it makes reader understand the realities of life. Anything about this ‘shocking turns’ will ruin reader’s enjoyment of reading novel. Loved the novel fully, just one problem is there. It ends abruptly. Details for many characters as well as hero remains unknown to reader, which left me unsatisfied. Hope for more similar great works from Vipin Kumar.

My overall rating for this work is 4/5.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review of 'Chords of Life'

About Author:

Angad Singh Saluja is a MBA and life turned him into poet. His poems have been published in several Journals, including Cyber wit’s International Journal. His one more collection is published,’ He said She said’ including him and Priyanka Bhardwaj.

Writing Style: 3/5

 ‘Chords of Life’ is divided in three parts.

1 Life and Me

2. Life and Relations

3. Life and Survival

First part Life and Me has 17 poems in it. In this portion Angad’s views on life is presented. What he finds in day today’s life and the cycle of thoughts going on in his mind is presented in form of poetry. A kind of confession is there in this poems.

Second Part Life and Relations has 16 poems in it. Angad’s relations with the world are descripted in this one. His love, friends, college friends and more many. His feelings towards these relations and happenings, somehow matches with many.

Third part Life and Survival has 18 poems in it. Through this poem Angad reminds readers that he is MBA. His thoughts on Global warming, Development and other issues are presented. 

These poems are like diary of a guy. It seems as if he has dictated down his emotions in different parts. As a reader not much affected by the poems. As a person of Literature, little bit disappointed. As this collection did not awake my chords, but as the perception varies from person to person so I suggest readers to go through this work.  Hope to see more potential-soaked works from Angad.

My ratings for this work 3/5.