Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Twist to Bluebeard Tale. #WillYouShave

Here I come, Bluebeard.

With long black beard, blue tinges in it.

 Wealthy and handsome I make woo.

Ladies beautiful and charming, falling to my trap.

I, the most eligible bachelor of town,

With property and a castle of my own.

Castle so enormous and enchanting,

Has garden and church in its wing.

Bad luck cursed me in chapter of marriage,

I marry and every wife die at naïve age.

People wonder what the reason is.

I say my bad luck is behind it.

A lady beautiful and fine, came to my heart,

Wooing her I made a proposal with art.

She at once agreed and gave her consent.

I wondered it’s me or the gigantic castle?

Leaving my bride at my house, I had to wonder for my bread.

With business abroad and tasks to handle,

I asked for her consent for travelling abroad.

With heavy hearted she approved and I left.

Giving her keys of the castle, showing her all the floors.

Each and every room with great ease.

Behold! Said the door of tiny room.

Alas! Human nature, she wanted to be in.

I refused with red eye, never to open the door.

Never to visit the room in any condition.

She agreed at once and I left on board.

Human nature is the evil behind all misdeeds.

Disobedience is the vice I hated the most.

She did what she was not supposed to do,

Opened the room and witnessed them all.

Hanging with rope, slithered and slaughtered.

My ex-wives murdered and hanged there.

In the tiny room, they rested in hell.

The key bore the proof of disobedience.

Blood stains screaming,” Oh Lord! She disobeyed you.”

I catch her and wish to slither her.

To punish for her crime but alas!

Her brothers come and I die.

This is the story you all know.

Bluebeard dies and wife lives happily,

with her lover forgetting the nightmares.

Die? Is it so simple for villain to die?

I will not die. I will write history of my own.

Will shave off this beard for what I’m known.

From Bluebeard I’ll be Clean-shaven.

Will continue to kill those who disobey.

There is she, living in my castle,

With her new lover. I will go.

In peace of night, slithering and slaughtering,

Teaching her a lesson and hanging her in a hanging room of hell.

Yes, I will shave off this beard.

Will become Clean-shaven from Bluebeard.

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My Clean-Shaven Blackbeard. #WillYouShave

I am just craziest fan of Pirates of the Caribbean series. Among all the characters including Jack, Elizabeth, Will and many more, I liked the character of Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides the most. Yeah, yeah I know. It’s not considered a good thing to like a devilish character. But let me defend my favourite character in a way. What he does in a movie is not a new thing. Being selfish is his crime so let me tell you one thing very clearly that each and every one of us be selfish in our life. When Blackbeard did it, he became a villain. Ohh, I hate this double-sided world. Oops! Here I am assuming that all of you, my dear readers must have watched this movie as it was the super-duper hit.

You guys must be thinking that why am I praising Blackbeard like a poet praising his Muse. The reason behind it is a dream I had and Blogadda’s #WillYouShave activity. I got notification about this activity and so I was immersed in thoughts of topics to write about. On that very day my dear hubby started this movie on lappy and we both immersed in this movie. While watching a movie a thought passed by my mind. What if Ayush (My hubby :D) had same kind of beard? Would have I selected him or not? After watching the movie I was captured by sleep and that day I had the most wonderful and humorous dream. Here is the dream.

I was wandering on the terrace of my palace. (Aww! I was princess in this dream) I wanted to take a ride in sea and so I requested my father to allow me to go for a ship ride in the sea to enjoy the beautiful weather. My father allowed me and all arrangements were made for my ride. All necessary items one princess needs were placed in ship. With musicians, dancers, cooks and soldiers, I boarded the ship. As soon as we got far in the sea, there was commotion on the ship. Soldiers covered me and took me in the basement of ship. They informed me that Blackbeard had attacked us and we needed to fight him. Praying God and remembering my family I was shivering like a leaf. All of sudden the door of basement broke open with a thud and Blackbeard entered with a sward in his hand. I screamed loudly. He caught my hair and warned me that if I scream once more, I will be beheaded. As soon as we came on deck of the ship, I got a good look of Blackbeard. I was seeing him first time in reality. Long black beard, bulging bloodshot eyes and pirate cap. I must be horrified by his look but instead I was feeling attracted towards him. Staring at him, I was wondering that if he removes his beard than he would surely look like gentleman. Blackbeard on the other side, had already fallen for me. He was famous for his cruelty as well as his generosity towards women. His face was seeming so familiar to me. It seemed as if I had seen him ago, had spent many days and nights with him. He got hold of himself and thundered at me, “Princess, I will get lots of money from your father. You are like a golden Hen for me.” I was so bewildered with familiarity that I was not feeling scared of him. Instead of crying, what I said was,” you know, Blackbeard, If you shave off your beard and mustache than you will be the most handsome guy of this world.” He was totally baffled and stared at me like a foolish guy. These were not the words he expected from a princess like me. He uttered,”mmm… Iii… I never knew that lady.” He then ordered his men to escort me to a cabin respectfully. At night I got very good food and I was not treated like a prisoner. Next morning I woke up and was wandering on the deck and at that time I saw a man. He was so handsome just like Ayush, I ran near him and then it struck to me that he was Blackbeard. I was dumbstruck that he looked just like Ayush. He grabbed my hands and was about to kiss me at that time there came music.. “I’m feeling so exotic” 

And I was sudden awake by my mobile ringtone. That time I realized that I was having a dream as I had seen a movie and a thought occurred to my mind about Ayush keeping a beard. Looking at my face Ayush hugged me warmly and asked,” what happened baby? Why you look so amused?” and this was my response,” Baby, you know? You would never look good in beard. Promise me that you will always be clean-shaven.”

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Manhood - #WillYouShave

I, a guy, with unshaven face,

Feel proud of my beard.

People around me call me Bear.

Sometimes I feel like screaming.

What’s the need of shave?

When God wants you to grow it.

The sign of manhood,

On your face, chest, legs, arms,

Everywhere they grow.

It’s a gift of God, to a true man.

I don’t shave, I will never.

That’s what I thought few days back.

My family and beloved would get annoyed.

My beloved would call me a Bear.

She could not understand,

My concept of Manhood,

Acclaimed by Mustache and Beard.

She would get infuriated,

Would grab my collar and question,

Is this a real ‘Manhhod’?

Just by keeping a long mustache,

Or a beard, or showing off the body hair?

I used to laugh out loud,

Would drag her near to kiss her.

Her milky cheeks used to get bruised.

Enraged and stumped,

She would curse me and leave for home.

But Behold! 

Today I’m clean-shaven,

Not a single hair on face.

No mustache, no beard, No signs of ‘Manhood’.

Cause what happened that night,

 Few days back something happened,

Something that shocked me to depth.

Stepping on the dark streets at night,

 I spotted two girls, who seemed so scared.

I felt they needed help as they seemed strangers.

I went near to them, they screamed. I wished to help, but in vain.

From my ruffled beard and look, they took me as a criminal.

Answering their screams, few people gathered,

Spotted me, in dark night I remained unrecognized.

Beaten so severely, I was hospitalized.

With few stitches and scars, I was resting on hospital bed.

My ladylove with teary eyes approached me,

“Are you happy now?

 See, what your acclaimed Manhood did to you.

This beard and mustache would have ruined you and me.”

Seeing her crying, my eyes wailed up,

With her hand in mine,

I promised her that I will always be a clean-shaven guy.     

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