Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Space Adventures with Colgate

Every time I write a blogpost for Blogadda I feel alive. This time Blogadda has brought wonderful activity for bloggers as well as kids in collaboration with Colgate.

After registration and selection I informed my neighbor's children who are 5 and 8 years old about the activity as my own daughter is just one and half. Before I received the packs I already told them that I would be receiving packs of colgate with space adventures characters inside it. Both of them got highly excited when they came to know that they were supposed to write a story based on those characters.

As I received the packs I called them and under my assistance they cut out all the characters and started thinking about the story. Children's names are Shayan and Ashida. Being typical siblings both of them couldn't agree on any of the story as one would simply dislike another's idea. It seemed that soon my house would turn into WWIV's battleground. So I took situation under my control and decided that we would combine two stories in to one and thus both would be declared as winner and creative mind.
So here goes our story. Shayan the great astronaut decided to go to the mars for further investigation of the project " Chocolate on Mars". This was very critical  project because the Cocoa was disappearing from the planet Earth and it was creating chaos amongst residents of  planet Earth. It became necessary for scientists of whole world to find another source of Cocoa powder. As our planet was lacking Cocoa so astronauts decided to visit another planets to find source of Cocoa.
The higher authorities trusted only two astronauts for this mission. Astronaut Shayan and Astronaut Ashida. Both of them were ready to save the planet Earth from this chaos and find sources of Cocoa on Mars. Both boarded on their space shuttle and started their journey towards Mars. As they landed on Mars something unexpected happens. Astronaut Ashida's Oxygen mask breaks and she has to stay in space shuttle as leaving it could risk her life. Astronaut Shayan unaffected starts his search on Mars.
Suddenly he finds something moving on horizon and cautiously he moves towards it and is shocked to see an Alien. Both of them takes out their guns and points towards eachother. Understanding the condition they takes off their guns. Surprisingly Alien speaks to Shayan in language of Earth and tells Shayan that he actually has come here to help Shayan as he has brought lots of  Cocoa seeds with him and as these seeds are magical the plants grown from these seeds would never age and would never stop giving fruits. Shocked Shayan asks him how did he knew that with what purpose Shayan Ashida were here? Alien says that actually with their advanced techniques they could came to know about this mission well in advance. Knowing that this Alien is friendly and helping Shayan thanks him and asks if he could help the Alien back in anyway. 
Alien smiles shyly and reveals his teeth which are full of cavities and swollen gums and asks Shayan if he could help him with his teeth problem as on their planet this is common problem. Before Shayan could say anything Ashida comes from behind who repaired her pump in meanwhile and hands over him pack of Colgate toothpaste which helps in keeping gums and teeth healthy, removing all bad bacteria from our mouth. 
Alien starts dancing with joy and thanks them wholeheartedly and leaves for his planet. Ashida and Shayan also places their flag on land of Mars and comes back to Earth with never ending sources of  Cocoa.

Hope you all enjoyed this story just as me and the children enjoyed it while writing it.

I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Review of Ashvamedha by Aparna Sinha

About Author:

Aparna Sinha entered into world of literature at age of seven when she recited her first poem on All India Radio. Since then many of her articles have got published on various platforms.

Writing Style: 5/5

Ashvamedha is interesting book which revolves around politics and power and delivers us a relatable masterpiece.
The book has all the elements which readers ask for. There is thriller and suspense. There is dirty game of politics and power. There is romance and then there is mysterious characters and closely knitted storyline with twists and turns to keep you hooked with the book. Characterization- All the characters are portrayed beautifully. You can catch a glimpse of today's politicians in Aparna's characters. Language is simple and lucid with dialogs dipped in power and Thriller. Narration is done well and engages readers with the book. Book cover is attractive and gives us hint about the genre and content. Title is fitting and interesting. Overall Ashvamedha is powerful novel and I would recommend this novel to every thriller reader out there.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Our Wonderful trip to Kerala thanks to Makemytrip

After arrival of our darling daughter Jisha in our life, we rarely got chance to travel and explore new places. Jisha is just 1 year old but due to bed rest I had been house-arrest from last 2 years. But as everyone knows every wife has her own personal Jinny, who’s named as husband in dictionary. :P :P :Pin the same way my husband knew my frustration for being at home all the time, he started planning a trip. Our anniversary is on 10th December. Like every wife I keep bugging dear hubby about anniversary plans throughout year but this time he didn’t let me know anything about the plans.  So I was bit frustrated with him.

But just before 15 days, he took me to mall and told me, hey dear, we are going  to Kerala for a week and obviously you will need new clothes for this trip. So have this card and start shopping. Wohooooo, yeah, this was my reaction and crazily I went on shopping spree. As my husband declared that we are going for trip I was bit worried about the trip organizer. but as he said that we were going through I was sooo happy because we planned our honeymoon through same and we had really great experience. 

Then our trip started on 8th of December and after visiting places like Munnar, Aleppy, Thekkady, Kanyakumari , we reached to Kovalam. At Kovalam our stay was in The Leela Kovalam . We had our trip planned by And throughout our trip we had got stay in luxurious hotel available in the places. All were excellent but as we reached to The Leela Kovalam, we just simply fell in love with the place.  The most exciting fact about staying in this hotel was that this is Indias only cliff-top hotel. It sounds exciting, na? The view from our room as well as dining area was breath taking.  Not only view but all services like food, room-service, waiters all were up to the mark. We also enjoyed Ayurvedic Massage that drained all our fatigue of travelling.  Bathrooms were also clean and towels were fantastic. Hygienic related issues were taken extra care of. The room was also nice and beach view from the room provided us the experience of Sunrise and Sunset. At night the voice of Sea accompanied us in dreams which was enthralling. 

I have taken these snaps from internet as the pics I took do not do enough justice to the place. 

Here are some pics of us enjoying at Kovalam beach.

Being a blogger, I need to be multi-tasker so while travelling I need to remember the quality of food, hotel rooms, places to visit and much more. so here goes my review of The Leela Kovalam.

Here are some basic facts that one needs while checking out the hotel to stay.

Rooms and Suites : starting from 474 square ft.
around 125 garden and Beach view rooms
49 Club rooms which includes personal butler and club spa and Gym.
9 suites which have same services as mentioned above.

Dining : The Terrace which is open for all day, The Tides which is Beach side Sea food restaurant, The Cafe which is at Club, The Bar and The Sky Bar.

Spa which exclusive services for different kind of massages and spa services.
It also has some fantastic services which you can checkout at below links. 
For Food services
For Sightings and culture exploring
For Ayurvedic related services

Here is the detailed address and contact info of The Leela Kovalam:
The Leela Kovalam, Kovalam Beach Road, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695527  Google Map
T: +91 471 305 1234, E:
Nearest Airport: 13 kms / 20 minutes (Thiruvananthapuram)
Nearest Railway Station:  15 kms / 25 minutes (Thiruvananthapuram)

Its quite obvious that I surely gonna thank my husband for this amazing trip but I should not forget to thank who took all efforts to make our trip memorable and mesmerizing. 

I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Soap.

Hello, all lovely mommies out there. Am back again with review of baby product and this time it is baby soap. 

When it comes our baby's skin we become quite worried as now a days market is flooded with variety of baby soaps. So.e of them are Ayurvedic and some fully chemical loaded. I never ever prefer soaps for my own skin so you can surely imagine I would be damn choosy about her skin as well.

So today I will be reviewing Mother Sparsh's baby soap. I received it with other products in a HUGE kit. Yeah! Trust me it's quite huge as it can store all your baby's medicines, toiletry items at one place. 😁😁 I simply fell in love with this kit. 

Now let's go to the review. 

Key ingredients:  Aloe-vera, Wheat germ oil, Almond oil, Olive oil. 

 Product claims: It claims to provide nourishment to baby skin without harming delicate skin securing it from rashes and dirt.

Product description : It's color is white and smell is so mild just as baby's need.
Price : 75 gm for 48 rupees. 

Product Review:  Personally I don't prefer using soaps for my own skin as it dries out skin so it's quite natural that I never preferred to use soap for Jisha. When I got Mother Sparsh baby soap I tried it on Jisha's hands and surprisingly it did not dry out her hands and kept natural moisture intact so I used it on Jisha's whole body including face and it has been really good experience for me. I can surely use this soap on my baby's delicate skin. It's price is also quite affordable and its all ayurvedic ingredients makes it worry-free product. I surely recommend this product to every mommy out there in world. 

Pros of Mother Sparsh Baby Soap:
·        Ayurvedic Ingredients
·        Does not stick to skin
S.  Doesn't dries out baby's delicate skin

Cons of Mother Sparsh Baby Soap:
·        Have not found any. 
My rating for this Baby soap 3.5/5.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Body Wash

Hey beautiful ladies out there!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks to my darling Jisha I rarely get time to review products. But I must say with her arrival in my life I have also got an opportunity to review baby products. Being new mommy I was curious about using chemical laden products on my tiny angel. So I searched a bit about Ayurvedic baby products. As I searched a bit , came across many brands but a brand named Mother Sparsh grabbed my attention. 

I got whole kit of Mother Sparsh's all products. The kit in which I got all the products is quite spacious and bigger one. Every time I travel, I use same kit to carry my baby's medicines and other toiletries. 
Now let's come to the product which I will be reviewing today. It's Mother Sparsh baby body wash. 

Key ingredients: All ayurvedic Ingredients like Aloe vera leaves, Neem bark, Holy basil leaves, Olive oil, Turmeric, 

 Product claims: It claims to clean the skin, retains moisture & makes skin radiant and beautiful. It also protects skin from infections by removing dirt. 

Product description: It is yellowish in color and smells gentle.

Product Review:   Whenever I am travelling the only thing that bothers me is my daughter's toiletry needs. Using soap is totally impossible as it is tough to store wet soap and as per my knowledge there are no travel packs available from the brands I use for Jisha's skin. So when I received Mother Sparsh's body wash I felt bit relieved. I started using it very day and today the bottle is about to end. I am quite happy with this product.
The product is yellowish and gentle in smell. Coin sized amount is enough for whole body of 1 year child. Take it in your palms and add water. Rub on baby's body and then wash it off with water. This product from Mother Sparsh is impressive economically as 100 ml bottle lasted around 25-28 days. It has made my baby's skin softer . It's price is also affordable. 

Pros of Body Wash:
·        Ayurvedic Ingredients
·        gives rich lather 
Cons of Body Wash:
·        Have not found any. 
My rating for this Body wash. 4/5.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review of Lal Tail massage oil from Mother Sparsh

Hola lovely mommies and aunts and grandmas, Hope you all are enjoying your precious time with your loving babies. The winter has arrived and early mornings demands sweaters and mufflers. Like me all of you must have taken out your baby’s woolen clothes and accessories. It gives really pleasure to see all tiny gloves, booties, sweaters and caps.

 From the day one baby needs something that will make it strong and healthy and its massage. But it is too much important to understand need of baby’s skin. Baby’s delicate skin needs different care and massage oils as per the season. I personally prefer coconut oil for summer and Lal tail for winter and monsoon. I generally avoid using it for summers as it is bit hot in nature.

There are plenty of Lal tails available from different companies in market. All of them claim to be totally ayurvedic in nature but their smells and ingredients say something else. Few days back I came across a brand named Mother Sparsh. This brand has range of baby care products and as I tried them here they go under knife of review.

I received this kit containing all products. The kits come with most of brands but most of them are nothing but wastage. I really loved this kit from Mother Sparsh as its material is quite strong and its bigger. Previously I had to stuff my daughter’s skincare items in my handbag and finding them at public places proved to be so embarrassing. But now whenever I am travelling I use this kit to carry my daughters all skin essentials and now I am worry free. I simply take out the kit as it carries all the lotions, creams and wipes in one place. I am in love with this kit.

Now lets come to the Massage oil, Lal Tail.

Key ingredients: All ayurvedic Ingredients like Sesame oil, Shankhpushpi, Nagarmotha, Urad, Rasna, Camphor, Pine oil

 Product claims: It claims to reduce dryness of baby's skin and improves blood circulation and strengthens baby's whole body.

Product description: It is red in color and smells warm and soothing.

Product Review:

 I was bit skeptical when I started using this oil on my babys skin. It is my habit of using any product on my skin before I try it on hers. I used this oil around one month and it has shown positive results. Due to constant use of diapers due to travelling, her skin developed rashes and it resulted into dark patches. But thanks to this wonderful oil all dark patches have vanished and it also helped in improving color of her darkened knees. Her skin stays hydrated for whole day. It also goes off skin in one application of soap or baby bath. It has become must for baby’s skin regime.

Pros of Lal tail:
·        Ayurvedic Ingredients
·        Warm smell
Cons of Lal Tail:
·        Have not found any.
My rating for this Lal tail. 4/5.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Omved Ubtan- suitable for all skin types

Hey beautiful ladies out there!!!!!!!!

Ubtans are the ancient form of beauty enhancing regime in India. They have been part of beauty secrets of our famous beauty queens. Normally it was applied to brie before marriage to get that beauty bridal glow on the most important day of her life. but now many girls uses it of every age. 
It has become everyone's favorite beauty enhancing product because it is totally natural and it surely works.

Now-a-days market is flooded with various Ubtans from different companies which claim to make our skin beautiful and glowing. But do all of them work? answer is no. There are very few and among them is Omved Ubtan.  

So today I will be reviewing Ubtan from Omved.

Product discription:
Price: 190 for 50 gm.
Suitable on all skin types.

Key ingredients: Green Lentil, Black Lentil, Red Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, Turmeric Root.
Product claims: 
It claims to prevent premature wrinkles, removes scars and tightens open pores.  

Ubtan description:
Ubtan is rough powder but does not hurt skin while rubbing on skin. brownish in color. It has so natural smell. Smells of turmeric  .

Product Review:
After trying so many ubtans and frustrated at their false claims, Omved Ubtan has become my favorite one. With all natural ingredients and no parabens, sulfates,silicones, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates, synthetic colors or perfumes. ahaa!  list is long but these all are harming for skin. And Omved Ubtan is free of all these harming chemicals. 

I got no chance to use it as it arrived in mail I was down with fever and Dengue followed then. After rest of month and half I got to use this and Ola! it is wonderful product. It actually tightened the pores and the old scars of Acne were vanished after few use. The method of using it is also quite simple. One just needs to mix water and make paste. rub gently on skin, keep it two minutes and wash off. 
Being new mommy I get no chance to pamper myself with time-consuming beauty treatments and thankfully this is the best product as it takes only two minutes and is really effective. I tried it on my hands, too. It helped in removal of tanning.  
would surely recommend this Ubtan to my all readers.

Pros of Omved Ubtan:
  • Affordable
  • Herbal ingredients
  • not time-consuming
Cons of Omved Ubtan:
  • Packaging
My rating for this Ubtan. 4/5.

You can buy this Ubtan  at below sites.